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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kerri P.

Even though she grew up as a tomboy, Kerri has always been extremely picky about the clothes she bought, and the way she styled them. Let’s not confuse anyone and say she was some sort of style icon that anyone would look up to, but she knew what she liked and what she didn’t. Nowadays, even though her style is far from girly, no one believes her about her tomboy roots that she is still proud of. What changed her? It all went back to a pair of Mudd flare jeans that her friend forced her to wear in the 10th grade, dragging her away form her usual Jncos and other baggy jeans. After being forced into those Mudd flares, she was forever transformed from tomboy, to the girl who had a fashion conscience. 

Today, Kerri prides herself in her outfits and seeks pleasure in seeing how many ways she can style any one particular piece. She recently left her job in corporate America as a Sales Trainer and Instructional Designer to start a family as well as open a small jewelry business.

She describes her style as Tomboy Chic, but isn’t afraid to branch out and try new and daring trends. Don’t expect to see her in frilly ruffles and pink, but you might be able to take something away from what you see on A Hint of Moxie. 

Aside from what you see here, Kerri enjoys hiking, traveling, reading a good book, concerts, and seeing comedy shows. Who doesn't want a good laugh?


Maryn J.

Style and fashion was not always Maryn's M.O. She was guilty of mixing patterns like plaid flannel pajama pants and a striped men's sweater to class and shopping in the little boy's department of Old Navy to land "cool" short sleeve shirts to wear over her baggy, long sleeve T's back in the 90s. It wasn't pretty...but we all have our hindsight is 20/20 moments...thankfully. Somewhere between discovering "InStyle" magazine and the MAC counter, Maryn hit style nirvana and it's been a love affair ever since.

A background in graphic design and now a freelance creative and marketing expert by day, Maryn spends a lot of time researching the interwebs and pubs for current trends and forecasts. The love of fashion just sort of followed suit. In between designing and handling the creative & marketing for her clients, a little online shopping is inevitable. She aims to find good deals and steals because keeping her closet jam packed on a budget is important. Never a girly-girl, and a slave to the color black, Maryn is working with her fellow Moxieites to explore the world of color and patterns again, but with a harmonious and pleasant execution.

Outside of Moxietown, Maryn can be found playing with "her" (it's really her roommates, but whatever) rescued pit Champ, sweating it out at the gym, or being a total goof with her best friends since forever (they still talk to her after the Plaidgate scandal). Her movie collection has overgrown her home and is filled with classic John Hughes film to award-winning cinematic marvels like "Garbage Pail Kids The Movie." We never said she had good taste in film, but she can quote them all better than Al Pacino and Meryl Streep can act—not to toot her own horn. Wit and sarcasm are her weapons of choice, so if you come across her in a dark alley beware.


Alyssa E.

Alyssa has always had a love for all things design. Since she was little, she has  had a knack for colors, patterns and space. She has been crafting and putting rooms together for as long as she can remember. Even back in college, her tiny dorm room was the talk of the hall. She always knew how to take a small space and turn it into something elegant. Whether it was buying vintage furniture and giving it a  fresh and modern makeover or helping her family and friends pick out wall colors, Alyssa was always giving out free design advice. Alyssa was always spending time at design stores, reading design mags and when HGTV and Pinterest came along she just couldn’t fight the design addiction any more.

She fought her talent for some time, not realizing it was indeed a true passion. Once the passion was realized, she decided designing was a career she should pursue and started her own design business. She noticed there were a lot of people who needed help designing their homes but wanted to do it on a budget and there, an idea was born. Today, Alyssa is in the early phases of starting her design business. She also creates handmade jewelry and paints abstract works of art.

In her free time, you can find Alyssa scouring the isles of home goods, catching up with all things Bravo TV, enjoying a good cup of tea, and obsessing over new celeb gossip. Her obsessions include, clothes, bags, shoes, nail polish, pink champagne, the perfect eye liner and of course her lovely husband.


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