Angela & Roi: Donate by Color

Saturday, February 22, 2014

ROY G. BIV—We know him as the acronym for the sequence of hues commonly found in a rainbow. Now he brings a whole new cause to life—Angela & Roi's Donate by Color.

Angela & Roi is an online handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy by color. Each hue represents a different cause that needs awareness (ex. Breast Cancer Awareness is represented by the color pink). For each bag sold, Angela & Roi donates $5 to their non-profit organization partners. The A&R signature ribbon on each handbag can also help increase awareness of specific causes.       

Not only are these bags doing great things, but they look great too! A&R handbags aesthetic is vintage-inspired with a modern touch. Each color line has a wide variety of styles from backpacks to totes. In addition, we love that A&R uses vegan leather and fabric to make handbags, avoiding harming animals.

Check our new friends out and do some good today—we know every girl needs a new bag for spring! Shop Now!

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