21 Jumper Street

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

By: Maryn

I have always had a thing for the 70s so when jumpers came back en vogue, I was all over them like feathered hair on Farrah. Despite the fact that they are not very friendly when it comes time to use the ladies room, they are the best thing since velcro and tab (if you get that reference we can still be friends). Seriously, when I first tried this on, the button at the neck was not broken in and I may or may not have been stuck in it for longer than I intended. Moving on... In one fell swoop you have a top and pants and you can never misplace them...because they're connected! It's the little things. Plus, they come in a variety of styles that can take you from the beach to the office.

The Deets:
Jumper: Forever21{similar} | Shoes: Zara {old, similar} | Necklace: Francesca's {old, similar} | Sunglasses: Mango | Watch: Michael Kors | Ring: Francesca's {old} | Bracelets: Stelios Paraskevas Leather and Gold Braided {pink version}, Leather and Studded {expensive option} | Clutch Wallet: Target

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