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Friday, March 21, 2014

By: Alyssa

Many people have told me that they just don't know how to decorate an awkward area in their home and don't want to spend too much on furniture. Since moving to my home, I have found that I have more empty and awkward spaces than I realized. If you find yourself staring at or over thinking how to decorate parts of your home, don't fret! It is quite simple to find pieces that you love without having to invest too much. 

I have a small space in my family room where I can't fit a lot, but without anything in it, the space just looks empty. I recently spotted a beautiful piece that went with my beachy chic theme at my house. I liked the price tag and snagged it fast because I knew it could be hard to find again. I even had to fight off some woman who thought it was ok to put her paws on the piece I was clearly buying. I exclaimed, "I'm buying it!" She gave me a mean look and walked away. All's fair in love and shopping!  That's my motto! Anyway, back to the goods! I also grabbed a lamp too because it went with my theme. After adding a few more accessories like candles, a painting, and a few other things, I had filled the space in an inexpensive way that adds elegance and design to my space. 

Here are a few of my tips in decorating a space:

  • Go with your gut while shopping! If you over think it too much, you'll start to question yourself and you will doubt whether the piece belongs in your home. I have found myself standing in Home Goods on many occasions deciding if I should purchase a particular piece. Every time I see something I like, I try not to think on it too much, and just go for it. If it caught my eye initially then there was something that attracted me to it and therefore it was probably the right choice.
  • Purchase pieces that are timeless and that you won't hate in two years. I usually try to find pieces that are simple and understated without being obnoxious. Then I accessorize later as I find things I like and can add pops of color.
  • If you see something you like, grab it! If you are looking for a deal and find a great piece, there is a good chance it won't be there the next time you come back. Stores with great deals and markdowns sometimes only have one of each piece or a limited quantity, so if you love it, grab it while you can!

So folks, don't be intimated to furnish an area in your home! Keep looking for that perfect piece with a great price tag and go with your intuition! It's usually right on the mark! 

Happy Shopping!

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