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Friday, March 28, 2014

by Alyssa

Decorating a dining room can be one of the most challenging and expensive rooms in your home to design. It can be quite pricey to purchase the table, light fixture, accent tables, curtains and accessories. My dining room is far from where I want it to be, but in the mean time I have found a way to keep the costs on the lower end until I really do what I want with the space.

The dining set was something we purchased a few years ago and it seems to work in our dining room pretty well. Once we had the dining set, we added a chandelier. Most of the chandeliers that we wanted were made of real crystal and were seriously pricey, but the one we ended up purchasing looked pretty darn real and is the perfect accent to the space. I like how it shimmers and adds the exact amount of glamour without being pretentious. Plus, the cost was a home run with it only being around $300 and no one knows it's fake (until now). We also added an accent table that we already had from our first apartment that we purchased on sale. After adding a makeshift bar with some beautiful decanters, curtains, a vintage glassware set from my grandfather and a pretty lamp to warm up the space, the dining room is a usable space with elegance and glamour. 

Many people have told me they kept their dining rooms/areas empty until they could afford to decorate it the way they really want. However, I believe you can purchase items to decorate a space without spending too much and be able to use the space in the meantime. Also, there is a good chance you could find something that is simply beautiful that you may decide to keep long term. I tend to scour places like Home Goods, Overstock, Pier One, and Wayfair for good finds. 

My advice would be to check out stores online as well as in person that offer sales until you find the deal you've been waiting for. Sometimes you can purchase the table by itself and then buy the chairs separately which can keep the cost down. It can take some work, but you don't necessarily have to wait to decorate until you can afford the whole thing -- do what you can now so you can add beauty to your home and be able to enjoy it with the ones you love!

For me, I'd eventually like to add a bunch of things to the space like an accent wall of wallpaper, collage of photos, a rug and some paint to the walls, but for now it's a beautiful and functional space to host my family and friends! And thats really all that matters!

Table {Value City, similar} | Accent Table {Pottery Barn, similar} | Curtains {Overstock, } | Lamps {similar} | Decanter {similar} | Decanter {similar} | Chandelier {Lowes, similar}


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